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The Rebar locator is a portable non-destructive testing instrument, which can be used for the detection of the construction quality of reinforced concrete structures. It can measure the position of steel bars on the concrete surface and detect the thickness of the protective layer of the steel bars and the diameter of the steel bars, in addition, the position of magnets and conductors in concrete structures can also be detected, such as cables and plumbing pipes inside walls. The detection before construction can effectively avoid damage to these facilities and reduce accidents.

Product Features:

  • Upgraded wireless cloud transmission function.
  • Adopt three anti-shell design, waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof.
  • Large screen high resolution LCD screen, the interface has Chinese prompts, more intuitive display content.
  • Built-in large capacity memory card, storage capacity upgrade.
  • USB transmission simulates the host computer as a U disk and reads data as easily as a  U-disk
  • Real-time display of protective layer thickness and steel signal image, minimum automatic locking.
  • Dual-range operation mode can effectively ensure the detection accuracy and maximum detection depth.
  • Automatic storage of test data, on-site statistical analysis results are provided immediately, which is convenient for guiding construction work.
  • Professional data analysis software, so that your post-processing data and report generation work can be easily completed.
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Technical Parameters:

Product Model GTJ-RBL
Applicable range of protective layer thickness (mm) Ф6mm~Ф50mm
First Range 6mm-90mm
Second Range 6mm-200mm
Maximum Allowable Error of Second Range Protective Layer Thickness ±1(mm) 6~79mm
±2(mm) 80~119mm
±4(mm) 120~139mm
±6(mm) 140~200mm
Applicable Scope of Diameter Estimation Ф6mm~Ф32mm
Maximum error of diameter indication ±1Specifications
Section grid not support
Storage Quantity 2000 Components*1000 Measuring Points
Data transmission mode USB, Wireless Cloud Transport (Options)
Power supply mode lithium battery
Host parameters Waterproof parameters:IP65
Screen size: 5 inches
Resolving power:320×240
Large capacity lithium battery for more than 12 hours
Working environment requirements temperature:-10℃~+40℃
Other requirements There is no corrosive gas in the air.
No strong electromagnetic interference
There should be no major shocks or shocks.
Instruments to avoid direct sunlight
Packing specification Material: Engineering Plastics Volume: 420*140*335mm Weight: 5.5kg
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