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The Vertex Integral Proving Rings Compression Type are made up of special steel, carefully forged to give maximum strength and machined to give high sensitivity commensurate with stability, ensuring long life and accuracy.

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This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing, if such defects are revealed during the period of 12 months since the date of purchase.







All proving rings are integral type viz. the loading (outside) bosses are forged integral with the ring body. This ensures that there is no possibility of abutment shift and consequent loss of accuracy in reading that always exists with bolted abutments. Repeatability in these Proving Rings is as stipulated in IS:4169. The rings are supplied complete with a dial gauge and Works Calibration Chart, individually packed in polished wooden boxes.


Model No.CapacityLoading PadsProduct Code
VSLIC 3720.25kNVSLIC 26101VSLIC 37212
VSLIC 3730.5kNVSLIC 26201VSLIC 37312
VSLIC 3741kNVSLIC 26301VSLIC 37412
VSLIC 3752kNVSLIC 26401VSLIC 37512
VSLIC 3762.5kNVSLIC 26501VSLIC 37612
VSLIC 3774kNVSLIC 26601VSLIC 37712
VSLIC 3785kNVSLIC 26701VSLIC 37812
VSLIC 37910kNVSLIC 26801VSLIC 37912
VSLIC 38015kNVSLIC 26901VSLIC 38012
VSLIC 38120kNVSLIC 27001VSLIC 38112
VSLIC 38225kNVSLIC 27101VSLIC 38212
VSLIC 38330kNVSLIC 27201VSLIC 38312
VSLIC 38440kNVSLIC 27301VSLIC 38412
VSLIC 38550kNVSLIC 27401VSLIC 38512
VSLIC 386100kNVSLIC 27501VSLIC 38612
VSLIC 387200kNVSLIC 27601VSLIC 38712
VSLIC 388300kNVSLIC 27701VSLIC 38812
VSLIC 389500kNVSLIC 27801VSLIC 38912
VSLIC 3901000kNVSLIC 27901VSLIC 39012
VSLIC 3912000kNVSLIC 28001VSLIC 39112
VSLIC 3923000kNVSLIC 28101VSLIC 39212

Supplied with Vertex Calibration Certificate, NPL/NCCBM/SUSHMA Calibration can be provided on request at extra cost.

Model No.CapacityLoading PadsProduct Code
VSLIC 4010.5kNVSLIC 29001VSLIC 30112
VSLIC 4021.0kNVSLIC 29101VSLIC 30212
VSLIC 4032.0kNVSLIC 29201VSLIC 30312
VSLIC 4042.5kNVSLIC 29301VSLIC 30412
VSLIC 4055.0kNVSLIC 29401VSLIC 30512
VSLIC 40610.0kNVSLIC 29501VSLIC 30612
VSLIC 40720.0kNVSLIC 29601VSLIC 30712
VSLIC 40850.0kNVSLIC 29701VSLIC 30812
VSLIC 409100.0kNVSLIC 29801VSLIC 30912

Supplied with DVG/NPL Calibration Certificate can be provided on request at extra cost.


For all compression proving rings and tension-compression proving rings up to and including 5 KN capacity the loading bosses have female threading ½” BSP (16 TPI). The boss faces are ground and polished and are plane parallel to within 0.2mm total DTI run out. Tension compression rings have their integral loading bosses male threaded, 1.25” dia, 8 TPI square thread, 1.25” long. Caps are provided for use when loading in compression Repeatability is as stipulated in IS 4169 The rings are supplied complete with a dial gauge and Works calibration Chart.



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