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The Automatic Soil Compactor is designed to compress Standard / Modified and CBR samples, providing a highly uniform compression degree that gives reliable and repeatable test results.

Ref. Standard

BS 1377:4, ASTM D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, D1883, EN 13286 2, 13286-47, AASHTO T99, T134, T135, T136, T180, T193

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The Automatic Soil Compactor is designed to compress Standard / Modified and CBR samples, providing a highly uniform compression degree that gives reliable and repeatable test results.

The compactor provides simple and practical use and ease of maintenance has a user-friendly menu.

The compactor is equipped with a programmable digital counter that allows the machine to stop at a predetermined number of pulses. The height and weight of the rammer can be adjusted according to the test requirements. Top-quality parts and high precision mechanical work guarantee a very long life, even during intensive use.

In the original lifting system of the rammer, 305 or 457 mm can be chosen to provide a correct and constant drop height. This automatic drop system rotates the base plate, providing effective and even compaction for each soil layer, so that the mold provides equal compaction with equal steps and by moving the rammer through the mold.


The bottom table rotates the mold in equal steps and the number of impacts per part can be adjusted by the digital counter at the start of the test. There are also user-defined drops and internal-external distribution. Next to the drop counter, there is the Standard Proctor / CBR selector switch, emergency stop button, and start button.

The rammer is round. The weight of the rammer can be adjusted to 2.5 kg or 4.5 kg according to the reference standard. When compressing 100mm diameter samples, the unit works on a single radius and when compressing 150mm diameter samples, the unit works on the inner and outer radius to ensure even compression.

The machine is supplied with a rammer and this rammer must be selected according to the desired Standard (ASTM or EN) at the ordering stage (rammers can be replaced).


  • Designed to match both heavy and light compaction requirements.
  • The number of blows could be controlled using the three blow counter fitted to the device.
  • Easy to install and good at reducing operating costs.



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